Friday, October 15, 2004

CNN's CROSSFIRE vs. Jon Stewart

Today, Jon Stewart of the the Daily Show was a guest on CROSSFIRE, and he leveled a pretty hefty charge against the program. He claimed that Paul Begala and Tucker Carson were "Party hacks" for their respective sides of the political arena, as opposed to giving America a true debate on ideas. He even went as saying that CROSSFIRE was theater. Even though I believe that, in true Daily Show tradition, he went a bit overboard, I cannot say I disagree. See, a debate is supposed to be a discussion between two or more parties that have disagreing views, but that are confident enough in their position to put it to the test of the opposing view. This entails active and fair listening, and open-mindedness to the opposing view. In CROSSFIRE, the parties barely even acknowledge the opposing party's point of view... and even when they do so, it is in a disrespectful ad ridiculing way: THEATER! Especially when you add the dranatic effects of the intro music, and the segment titles (i.e: RAPIDFIRE), I am enclined to say that CROSSFIRE is to a genuine debate, what Reality TV is for REALITY! I love CROSSFIRE, but it does not eevn come close to measuring up to a debate on let's say the BBC. Comments welcome.

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