Monday, November 01, 2004

Kerry-Edwards all the way !!

I am not even American, but I chose to live in this country, and I care a great deal about its fate, and the fate that it reserves for the rest of the World. I support John Kerry because I believe he is going to be good to America, and an America that is well taken care of, is an America that can have a bigger, fairer and more just involvement in the rest of th World, as opposed to what we have been seeing with the Republicans in power.

As an African, I see President Bush's supposed AIDS initiaive in Africa as a cope-out, because it does not really provide for effective help, just crumbles... especially since he backtracked on most of the funding!!! The Republicans attempts at justifying the meager efforts they have put into Darfur, by saying that they are doing better than Clinton did with Rwanda, is a very cheap ploy. They still didn't - and were not willing to - do much at all, because theya re only interested in those areas of the World where they have some level of economic/financial interest. With the Republicans, it is strict survival of the fittest, and no regard for humanitarian problems in the US and abroad, except when its politically convenient. Additionally, the neo-cons are bringing about a reversal of the clocks on civil rights and liberties, by trying to disqualify "activist judges"!!!. As a black person, I am reminded that if it was not for "activist judges", I would still not be able to go to school with people of other races in the United States!!

I really believe that with John Kerry and the Democrats, we will see a stabler, stronger and more balanced America, and a search for genuine solutions to conflicts amd calamities in the World. He will be a strong leader, but he will also care to promote justice, civil liberties, progress, and science, as well as faith (ouside of government), all these things that have made America the great nation that it was, and might be again!!

This election is the most important ever. In the hands of Americans, lies the fate (and the atention) of the entire planet (and a few people outside the planet, on the international space station!) We cannot afford another 4 years of the same. It is about time that America lived up to its potential, and its responsibilities, and I believe that is the new direction that John Kerry will follow. And if, God forbid, he does not, he is at least a person that one can have a dialogue with, and we can hold him accountable for what he does. Not Bush, who seems never to admit his mistakes, apparently because his actions are dictated by God himself (I am exagerating of course).

Wake up America, and go VOTE!!! It is a privilege, it is a right, and more importantly, it is a awesome duty that many people in the World do not enjoy. Exercise it !!!!!! VOTE... OR DIE !!!

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