Wednesday, January 05, 2005

BBC: Re-charting the mighty Congo

** Re-charting the mighty Congo **
Tim Butcher travels along the treacherous river path in DR Congo and finds a part of the world in regression.

I found this account on the realities of the inner-most parts of Congo to be most informative, and soberingly acurate and unexagerated. Sure it is an account given by a Westerner, with Western eyes, and a Western mindset, but Tim Butcher is also quite open-minded, and it gives the story a flare of simple unobstrued truth. Very well done. It also shows, in blinding clarity, the enormity of the task that any government in that country would have in its future to put the country back on track... thus underlining the contrast created between those dire needs, and the irresponsible, egotistical and kleptocratic attitudes of some members of the political class in Kinshasa (capital of Congo).

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