Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Conspiracy in the African Great Lakes?

Here is a interesting article, as it does challenge many views about Congo, hatred media, and International conspiracy theories. It was wriiten in Grands-Lacs Confidentiel, but I obtained it at CirqueMinime/Paris, where there is also an interesting commentary from the blogger:

Here is how I responded:
I am placed in quite an awkward position, as I am a Bantu from the DRC, who was living in Rwanda during the genocide (UN household), and also lives in the USA today. All through my life I have heard the allegations about the Hima-Tutsi conspiracy. And though I have seen quite compelling documents for its existence in the 60's, allow me to at least doubt it in the present. That said, Kagame is no less of a scoundrel, who is abusing his good standing with Western powers to pillage and destroy my country.

See I look at this at the individual level; if anything, our history - human and African - should teach us that when one lumps an entire people (in this case the Tutsi) together, we only create irresolvable messes.

To address the comparison made with the US attitude towards the Balkans, and the Rwandans you named... this article is definitely a bit over the top. And unfortunately, the Rwandan agression has resulted in Kinshasa (DRC) newspapers becoming quite inflamatory towards Rwanda, and the Tutsi. I am personally not quite as radical.

My take on all this is the following: Kagame is power-hungry and money-hungry, he is appreciated in Washington for some odd reason, he succeeded (being the victor) in fashioning himself a liberator/savior image for the World to see, and he is using the plight of his poor people to justify his war-mongering policies, which allow him to loot my country for personal interests, killing a few millions in the process, while also keeping potential Hutu contenders at bay.

I am not of those revisionists that want to pretend the genocide did not occur, because I saw it, and it did; I simply think that the revenge killings pefomed in the during - and in the aftermath of - the genocide by the RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front, Kagame's mostly Tutsi troops) in Rwanda (And later in the Forrests of my country Congo, 1997) were just as planned, and just as despicable. And for people on the ground in Congo who are aware of these facts and views, it is quite easy to believe in a vast conspiracy! I personally think the problem is much more complex, much deeper than we are all willing to delve, and that is the problem. And somewhere, someone wants it to stay that way. So, resentable individuals with concomittent ill-inetntioned goals and actions, Yes. But a vast conspiracy... I think any intellectual would need much more to believe that. Plus, in Kinshasa there is a new conspiracy theory every other hour!

Also see a previous post about Rwanda, and a US conspiracy.
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