Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Most UN Council Members Favor ICC Role in Darfur

ABC News: Most UN Council Members Favor ICC Role in Darfur
Here is something that is sure to re-ignite - in fact it has already re-ignitd the debate over the International Criminal Court. I am a bit disappointd in the United States government, for using the plight of a people to score points on a political issue. Especially when, in my opinion, the position of the United States government on the ICC defies logic. The most common argument that has crossed my desk, is that the United States government is afraid that other countries would want to try US soldiers in the ICC, and use that as leverage against the US government. The US could therefore not jeopardize their soldiers, and refused to relinquish their right to give US-based due-process to their soldiers. I say this argument defies logic, because the statute of the ICC clearly states that action can only be taken at the ICC, should the country of origin of the defendant not be willing to try him/her. So, if the concern is really due-process, and non-polically motivated fairness to US citizens, I don't see why the US is afraid of the ICC. Furthermore, in my opinion, if US soldiers abroad stopped abusing their powers, using prostitutes, defaming and disrespecting other cultures, and torturing prisonners (Abu-Ghraib), they would really have nothing to worry about. But they don't stop, do they? So, Uncle Sam has to extend his protecting arm, and quash any option for an internationally agreeable - as opposed to imposed - solution to the criminal proceedings needed in places where crimes against humanity are commited, like Darfur... Liberty, and Justice for who?

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