Friday, February 18, 2005

Syria: Let's Play Risk in the Mid-East, Part II

The New York TimesLebanese Argue Assassination Theories That Point Toward Syria or Away From It
The pro-Syrian Lebanese government and a growing opposition movement locked in a battle on Thursday over the source of the blast that killed the former prime minister, Rafik Hariri, and 15 others on Monday. Many here expect that the outcome will largely determine Lebanon's future relations with Syria

As if we need even more disputes and conflicts in the Middle East!!! I am not categorically sure, but it does seem like Syria did not have much of an interest in the death of Rafik Hariri... quite the contrary. It indexes them as an even more endangered target of Bush's imperial forces, and US foreign policy. But then again, no offense, but how much makes sense in the Middle East, right? Well, I am sure it makes sense at some level. Us common mortals might just not be privy to the explanation yet. Hopefully the crisis can be solved without creating a new war-front in the Middle East. There should be an independent - possibly foreign - investigation on the attack on Mr. Hariri's person, and it should be done as soon as it is possible. For once that we are making some headway in the Palestinian/Israeli front, I hope this is not some clever ploy to make the process stop...

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