Monday, March 14, 2005

Africa by Africans... it was about time!

Tens of thousands at first 'Africa Live' concert to raise money to fight malaria

Senegalese singer Youssou Ndour performs during the Africa Live concert in Dakar.(AFP/Seyllou )DAKAR (AFP) - Tens of thousands of fans turned up for the first of two "Africa Live" concerts staged in the Senegalese capital this weekend featuring major African music stars aimed at raising awareness in the fight against malaria.
Youssou N'dour is another person - with AUC President Konare, or Nelson Mandela - that makes me proud to be African. He is a success story for the books, and he has the biggest heart, and he loves and cherishes both his country and continent, without losing a commitment to human-kind as a whole. He is awesome. And AFRICA LIVE was a wonderful and empowering idea for Africa. All these musicians, together to affirm that Africa can work for its own people, when given a chance, and that we can find African solutions, for African problems, when given a chance. Hopefully the phenomenon will carry through, and we'll see some headway being made on rolling back Malaria. All my thoughts and prayers to all those that are working on that.

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