Monday, March 07, 2005

Moldova Communists stay in power

Moldova Communists stay in power

Moldova's pro-western Communists retain a parliamentary majority but see their support decline.
I expect the right wingers here in the Unitd States to throw a fit about this, seeing as they have a neurotic fear of anything communist. I am still not convinced by their arguments, however. There is nothing evil, in my opinion, in fighting for all people to have a decent life, even if it means the state helping them to do so, by evening the playing field a bit (I guess I am more of a democratic socialist on this one... but then conservatives don't make a diffrence, do they?). Survival-of-the-fittest capitalism is for animals; I would like to think we have outgrown that primal stage of evolution (another term that irks our conservative friends)... You gotta love Communists that support the West though; it is the ultimate irony in so many layers and perspectives!

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