Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Oil in Kofi Annan's food...

Oil-for-food: Annan's job on the line **

UN chief Kofi Annan faces more pressure with Tuesday's report on his son's links to the Iraq oil-for-food scandal.

Only when one pisses the United States off, that one starts hearing the champions of liberty, and of personal responsibility, start claiming that the sins of a son be visited upon the father. The US Republicans are quite upset that the SG of the United Nations dared to speak truth to power, and tell them when they acted against International Law; it's like the Israeli government: just saying that one is not breaking International Law, or that one is sinply defending oneself, does not make it so. And as much as the US Congress wants the UN to justify itself to it, the US government has some international responsibility to respect fellow nations enough not to side-step them every time the US deems it convenient. Now Kofi Annan might be in hot waters now, but he sure did quite a great job, and it is sad that people are using this one aspect of the United Nations, sully the man, and the organization as a whole. Double standards galore...

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Brian said...

Double-standard is the Bush administration's middle name.

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