Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Peaceful transition of power... now that's a cool concept!

President Sam Nujoma of Namibia steps down, following elections.

Namibia’s founding president, Sam Nujoma, stepped down today after 15 years in power, handing over to Hifikepunye Pohamba who was elected in November in a landslide victory for the ruling Swapo party.

Nujoma, a former guerrilla leader who guided the diamond-rich southern African country to independence from South Africa in 1990, waved to thousands of cheering supporters at the national stadium in Windhoek as he took his leave.
Although the process was not perfect in Namibia, it was good enough for a democracy of only 15 years of full independence. Many African nations could learn a lot from the smoothness of transition in Namibia; we could learn that it is doable, and that it does not need to be perfect at the first try, as long as the end goal is full democracy. Ignoring the fact that we have a lot of hurdles to pass would be pure lunacy; but our determination to reach our own homegrown and nurtured models of democracy and freedoms, must NEVER waver.


Black River Eagle said...

Man, you've been really cooking (writing). It's a pleasure to see that kind of engagement in the Blogosphere. I can retire soon.

I haven't had time lately to follow the news as I normally would , but this peaceful transition of power in Namibia should be a big story especially here in Europe.

Not a peep yet from the major TV news networks, but it is still early in the day. Perhaps the viewing audience in Germany will get a 30-second "spot" on Namibia tonight, or perhaps not. After all, good news out of Africa is no news for many of the national network producers and editors.

Let's see how the struggle for equal land rights and justice goes for Namibians now that Nujoma has left office. German TV news has painted the land rights issue in Namibia as a potential Mugabe-style takeover of white (German, Dutch) settlers rightful property.

Guess who's side the German public is on?

TheMalau said...

I know, isn't that sad how that works? But we need to do something about that. I am going to try to collect good news about Africa, and make a post every Friday, with good news from Africa. Just my 2 cents.

As for the German public, well... in Africa we say that "At the end of the day, a brother is better tan a friend, right?" I can't blame them for their primal connection with the Euro-Namibians. Especially when it is the one place that can give them some twisted sense of colonial pride... but I am being overly cynical again. Nice to see you back online!

Black River Eagle said...

Thanks for the welcome back. I am never far from the Web by the way as it has been part of my work and daily life practically since its beginning. Indespensable for the work and lifestyles of millions of people around the world as you are obviously well aware.

Good to see you and other young people from Africa join in the fray and expressing yourselves so well online. It is so important for the rest of us from the despised "West" to see that.

Don't be too hard on the Germans though. I've been "riding herd" on 'em for years. There has always been a critical mass of really fine people here, just never enough to pull the nation in the right direction. We'll see how their Strategic Policies & Actions for Africa play out in this decade. After all, it is now or never for the EU Club, isn't it?

Great idea from you about the Good News from Africa postings. I'll keep an eye out for them.

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