Monday, March 07, 2005

President Mesa of Bolivia resigns

Bolivia leader quits amid protest

Bolivian President Carlos Mesa hands in his resignation in the wake of extended social unrest.
Have people noticed how little coverage was given to this Bolivian issue? I mean unless one was following specifically news from Latin America, it was not in the radar. When you consider a crisis that leads to the President resigning to get out of a deadlock, one would think it important enough to have been in the main news at least for a month!! Que pasó? What happened? I womder...


Brian said...

RYN: I have no doubt that Mbeki's cowardice vis-a-vis the Zimbabwe situation is related to Mugabe's support for the anti-apartheid struggle.

But it's worth noting that even the ANC's important ally the trade union COSATU (centrale syndicale), has diverged from Mbeki on Zimbabwe.

They know that for all Mugabe's posturing about Tony Blair and big landowners, ultimately it's the poor workers who suffer most from Mugabe's folly.

TheMalau said...

You sure are right, Brian. But still, you have been in Africa, and in Guinea. Think of thsi Mbeki-Mugabe deal, a the "cousinage" in West Africa. Do not get me wrong, I do not condone Mugabe's actions either. And Mbeki's reaction is no cowardice. Mugabe is in no posiion to harm South Africa miliarily. They have one of the 3 best militaries on the continent. No, Mbeki's reaction is a tempering one, in order to contain - and incidentally show support - for the demands of his own villagers, and his allies. Politics, basically.

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