Thursday, March 31, 2005

Rant: Are we still living in the 18th Century?

As some may have noticed, I have devoted a great deal of this blog to Congo in the past two weeks - and will continue to do so for about 2 more. There are three reasons for that. One, is that it is my country, so I feel compelled to blog about it. Two, is that there is very little blogged about Congo and its terrible war, and something needs to be done about that. And three, because this week is the week when the Lower house of Parliament in Congo examines the new draft constitution. I have not forgotten about the rest of the World, and will continue to blog about it, as I am above all an African and a World citizen - the side-effects of being an " expat"."

As I was roaming the web looking for news about my dear and beautiful country, imagine my surprise to fall on this... I'll let you be the judge:
Logical Meme: Congo

Excerpt:"The 'evil white men enslaving idyllic African community' myth is much easier for people to digest (no pun intended) than bothering to look into the actual history of the period, and the overall history of Africa, wherein one quickly discovers what British colonialism really meant to the areas it affected (e.g., India, coastal Africa, etc.). No, it's much easier to appraise the totality of British colonialism in Africa from our 21st century, politically-correct eyes."


Black River Eagle said...

Ignore the butt---- who wrote the Logical Meme: Congo article. The Web and the World is full of people like this dude. I'm surprised that you lost control and bothered to comment on his blog at all. In a way you are just falling into his little traps. I've seen worse, much worse.

There was a posting about the World's Worst Bloggers over at the Crooked Timber blog (Feb or Mar 2005) that highlighted this South African guy (a Boer)now living in Texas and writing some really ugly things about black people on the whole African continent. His blog has something like 3.2 million total visitors, so he is very popular in the Blogosphere. The South African has been "painted" by the way I'm sure and his problems will be addressed in the near future with "extreme prejudice". Not my department, mind you.

I gave a "Hat Tip" to both you and Carene the other day over at my place. Keep up the good work, both of you. More people around the globe are paying attention to issues and events in the Congo (D.R.C.) than you think. A lot of us cannot read the French language so information about the D.R.C. presented by Congolese writers and journalists is rather limited. Maybe you can help with that by pointing to good material and writers who publish in English?

Now if somebody could only figure out some practical and sustainable ways to be really helpful to the people of your country in solving the myriad of "challenges" that they face everyday, then we might get somewhere.

You can forget about the world community and the U.N. (MONUC) approach, 'cause it ain't working.

Brian said...

Oh he's so very right. It's much for him to praise the wonderful effects on British colonialism from his comfortable 21st century apartment/house and with his full stomach.

Perhaps he should travel back in time and take a poll of the enslaved and of the forced laborers to see how much they appreciated the British "contribution."

Then agian, the idea that if a place isn't perfect, it deserves to be conquered by foreigners isn't quite so 18th century... as proponents of the Iraq aggression attest.

Louis said...

Ali, it may be wishful thinking, but take a look at today's news-- there's some real progress in Congo, I think. Worth celebrating? You know it's unwise to get too excited about any day's development because of how fast things change... but this is the best news day in a while...

TheMalau said...

Believe me friends, I know I should not reply to senseless blogposts. But sometimes I do it simply to make a point, and let them know that there are some of us out there who actually read this stuff, and will call them on to it. It's quite sad however there are still people who behave and think as such...

As for the news today about some hopeful developments back in Congo... it pleases me very much, but I have long learned to adopt a constant wait and see attitude with the actors on the military/political scene back home. It is however the best news in a VERY LONG TIME. I shall write a post about that.

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