Tuesday, March 01, 2005

South Africa: ANC is alienating minorities, says De Klerk

ANC is alienating minorities, says De Klerk

FW de Klerk, who shared the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela, has accused the African National Congress of pursuing policies which alienate minorities and undermine multiculturalism.

"Instead of an approach that accommodates diversity, there is an increasing tendency to require minorities to conform to the ANC goal of representivity,"
This is exactly the kind of inflamatory statements I would hope the Nobel Peace Prize winner to be careful with. Actually, maybe - in his opinion - he was being careful and measured, but it's still quite provocative. That said it is true that the ANC might be pushing the enveloppe a bit too far, a bit too fast. That does not change the facts that the white population of South Africa is still much wealthier, and has quite an unfair advantage - about 100 years or so. In any case, regardless of all that, it seems like South Africans - of all colorsm religions and oientations - are not realizing their importance for the continent, and indeed the World. Let me spell it out then: Hope of a united world depends on the success of their endeavour. The United States failed miserably, and the EU is still dealing - in quite bitter terms - with the legacy of their colonialism, and their new found conundrum of immigration. The world counts on the South Africans to show us that it is possible to achieve Mandela's vision of a harmonious Rainbow Nation. We need South Africans to show us that humans can look beyond the milimiter-deep skin tissue that supposedly separates. We need South Africans to prove to us that people of different creeds, and orientation can live together in harmony, without extreme cohersion. If they, with the most progressive constitution on the planet, cannot achieve it, then Africa, and indeed the World, humanity, are in deep trouble. Madiba Mandela said that he was prepared to live and die for a harmonious South Africa, in a harmonious World, free of widespread discriminations. He lived for it... don't let him die without reaching it.

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