Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tearing down the press

Tearing down the press
The Bush administration has been at war with the media from Day One. Is its real goal to undermine the press itself -- and thereby eliminate inconvenient truths?

By Eric Boehlert
I don't know. It does make one reflect. In all fairness, politicians tend to be weary of the press - when journalists do their job - because they tend to incapacitate them from feeing us loads of... bologna. More seriously, the press - once again, when it works - goes behind the spin of the spin of the spin, and exposes the politicians' true agenda. They cannot therefore twist the truth at will for political gain. That is nothing new. What is new however, is the extreme length at which the Bush administration, and the Karl Roves of this country, have gone to discredit the press in the eyes of average Americans. Was that all really necessary and warranted, or was it simply part of a plan to lure more Americans to a party that they would not have trusted otherwise? I wonder...

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