Thursday, March 03, 2005

UN backs strong DR Congo action

UN backs strong DR Congo action

The Security Council stands by UN forces in DR Congo after they kill at least 50 members of a militia.
It hurts me to say this, but I must agree with the UN on this one. The militias do not understand anything but strength and war, and should therefore be dealt with in that fashion, until they decide to come to their senses. I am just hoping that the politicians in Kinshasa do not instrumentalize either side, for their own political gains. I also hope that real action will be taken against the soldiers and civilians from MONUC who have been accused of sexual abuse. This tarnishes the image of an organization that I admire and respect, in my own country, and it should be resolved, and justice should be served.

On another note, our senators are still debating on the future constitution. I am hoping they will have enough vision to elevate themselves above their own passions, ambitions, and prejudices, to give the country an expansive and progressive constitution.

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