Saturday, March 05, 2005

Unbelievable: I just love the USA !

the daily grind: Girls sued for delivering cookies OR I'll get you my pretties!! And your little cookies too!!
What won't we see in this country! Sometimes, it seems like things are even crazier here than back home... Maybe not, but they are getting there!


Brian said...

Shame that someone would be surprised about their neighbors doing something kind.

Though you might want to beware of gross generalizations since most Americans would find this appalling too.

TheMalau said...

I assure you Brian, my sarcastic post does not reflect what I hink about ALL the Unitd States. I simply showed my amazement at the type of lawsuits that are allowed here, like the whole hot coffe deal a McDonalds, or the burglar suing the burglee. That would never fly in Congo.

Brian said...

Incidentally, I used to assume the same about the McDonald's coffee case. A friend of mine said he studied that case in law school. He said that in THAT PARTICULAR CASE, the coffee was kept at a scalding level by that particular McDonald's on that particular day. And that it was so hot as to be inherently dangerous, whether the person had spilled it or not. Just like you can feed someone food that's dangerous because of the way it's prepared (or not), you can also feed them a drink so hot it causes third-degree burns. Remember, the person was badly burned; it's not as though they merely ruined their clothes.

As for other absurd lawsuits, the outrage is not that they're allowed. The outrage is that sometimes they win!

TheMalau said...

You got that right!

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