Thursday, March 24, 2005

Venezuelan weapons buys alarm U.S. officials
By Los Angeles Times
Thursday, March 24, 2005

BRASILIA, Brazil — The Bush administration has grown increasingly alarmed at a series of weapons purchases by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez that senior U.S. defense officials described as a "one-man arm's race" that could destabilize South America for decades.

Venezuela has confirmed that it is buying 100,000 AK-47 rifles from Russia next month. But Pentagon officials said the number of weapons could reach 300,000 — for a nation whose national guard and army total 62,000.
And the bullying starts again. I said in a previous post, Hugo Chavez is really going to stir things up on the homefront for the United States. I cannot guarantee of the good intentions of President CHavez, though I frankly have no reason to doubt them. But I have great qualms with the way the US has been taking issue with sovereign decisions made within Venezuela. The US government is increasingly realizing that it has decreasing influence in the region, with now 4 countries with Center-Left/Left governments, and they do not like that. It is about time that someone put the United States overpowering methods to a pause, as I believe that unchecked power is an open-door for an undue and excessive sense of entitlement.


123 said...

Hi TheMalau, I've found your blog through a comment you left on a blog I like to read - HISTORIAS DE UN EMIGRANTE EN NIGERIA. I stopped to check out your blog and it's very informative.
I liked your opinion about the pause Bush administration has been given by some Latin American countries. But I believe the situation in Venezuela is very awful. I'm venezuelan, but leave in the state of Florida. I must confess that my total understanding of politics is somewhat limited...not because I'm stupid, just because I really don't like politics...but I think what Chavez is doing down there is somewhat brutal. He's putting limits & restrictions on every major aspect of the lives of the Venezuelan people. He's not taking very aggressive actions, but injecting dictaroship characteristics little by little.
Keep up the nice job you've got in this blog. Take Care!

Bye bye ;)

TheMalau said...

Thank you for your comment 123. Me encanta tener un Latino aqui (aunque yo no sea Latino). But about Chavez, only him knows whether he wants to be a dictator or not. If there is one thing that Latin Americans have proven to the World, is that when they really want a leader out, they will take him out. So I am not worried for Venezuela; if Chavez messes up, he will pay for it dearly. In the mean time, I am just loving the havoc he is recking in the minds of US leaders... it's priceless!

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