Friday, March 11, 2005

The West and the Congo

MONUC: Reuters: West wins few friends in Africa's 'forgotten wars'

"The white people sit around and watch us die. They just come and take pictures," said Marie, selling hunks of fish at a stall in Bunia, the epicentre of fighting between warring militias in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

(article coutesy of MONUC)

No comment needed, just read the article, and then go see Hotel wanda as a complement, and you will hopefully realize that the frustration is justified. I also let you read a sad, yet powerful poem from Kindu (DRC), courtesy of the MONUC webpage:
Kongo, au secours!
(Kindu, 17.11.04)

Sufficated, raped,
Kongo, your women, we are born

Humilitated, disowned,
Kongo, your women, we will remain!

You have forgotten us, Kongo,
What is left for us?

Your sons without remorse kill each other
Your sons belong to the devil!

Kongo, we want to live,
With dignity, proud of our heritage.
Kongo, we want to dream
Peacefully in our marriages!

Kongo, talk to your sons,
Give them honour and courage
Kongo, put out their vices,
Threaten them with widowhood!

Kongo, your women, we are born
Forever condemned,
Forever murdered,
By your sons and their thousand vices
By your sons, do you realize?

Kongo, help!

Soulless, faithless, they take up arms
Soulless, faithless, they change from one fight to another
To the highest bidder they belong
Blinded by greed;
To those who suffer most, they prey
Drunk on power, without mercy;

Brothers and sisters, all Congolese,
Do your remember,
Your mothers and fathers, themselves Congolese
Have you forgotten them?

They cherished one another,
Body and soul,
They nourished you with their roots
Full of heart!

To your drifting souls,
Hang on, Congolese!
It says it all

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