Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Flash: Monaco's Prince Rainier dies, 81

Monaco's Prince Rainier dies, 81

Monaco's Prince Rainier dies at the age of 81, after spending several weeks in hospital.
Another sign that we are truly witnessing the passing of an era, and the begining of an uncertain yet refreshingly new one. The players of old wars, and peaces, and conflicts, and reunions, and phobias, and "isms", are now fading away. What's next? I wonder...

In Monaco's case, the transition has been quite smooth. Prince Albert, the son of the deceased, is now taking over as Albert II, and his intimacy with his father should really guarantee that smoothness. Prince Rainier built Monaco almost with his own hands, into the financial and fiscal paradise that it is today. There is no foreseable reason why Albert would not continue valiantly in his father's footsteps. What did they say again?... Oh yeah! The Prince is dead, long live the Prince!

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