Wednesday, April 06, 2005

There is hope for Congo

Park Guards Are Unsung Heroes in Saving Congo's Gorillas
by John Nielsen

Morning Edition, April 5, 2005 · The world's most endangered gorillas are showing signs of resurgence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The efforts of an unrecognized group of Congolese park guards have made the stunning turnaround possible.

It warms my heart to see that despite the turmoil, there are still dedicated people in that country of mine, even in the remoteness of the Kahuzi Bihega National Park, in the middle of the battlefield. Praises and songs be sent to these courageous people.

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Black River Eagle said...

Is there a HTML text version of this news story? If so please list it in your posting or send me an email notification about where I can find it. I'm real, real interested in everything dealing with preserving the beautiful environment and ecosystems of your country.

Carine has a very nice article on Corneille E.N. Ewango, one of the winners the Goldman Environmental Prize for 2005. Ewango was critical to the survival of many people, plant, and animal species in the Okapi Faunal Reserve located in the Ituri district of the D.R.C. during the recent wars.

Again, these are people and projects that are of great interest to me personally.

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