Thursday, January 19, 2006

DR Congo: Some positivity

There are not only ambiguous news in DRCongo. There are also encouraging things. First among these, is the fact that72% of registered women voted in the referendum. In fact, 60% of those who voted were women. In a very nacho country, this is a great leap in the right direction!

Speaking of the Constitution, I made an analysis of its content in March 2005, in this blog. Now that more people have had a chance to read it, it seems appropriate to re-post it today, so people can give even more informed comments:
The Salon: On the Congolese draft constitution


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Sj said...

Ali, (I believe that is your name - TheMalau - )

This line in that post DOES stand out to me as well: "right to have access to water and electricity "

When my fiance's mother visited us a few months back she talked about starting up an NGO (they already received their paper work to make it official) that may be called EDIPAC-OPTIONS whose first major goal is the bringing about of running water and chemical toilets to all the schools in Kinshasa. A big undertaking if I understand it correctly. This would be a great thing to have happen all over the country...

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