Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Voting in Palestine

Palestinians have begun voting in the first legislative election in a decade, with the ruling Fatah party facing an unprecedented challenge to its grip on power from

Voting opened across the Gaza Strip and the West Bank at 7am (0500 GMT) on Wednesday against a background of massive security in place.

Initial results were expected shortly after the close of polling at 7 pm (1700 GMT).

About 1.34 million residents of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and annexed east Jerusalem are entitled to cast their ballots in an election whose outcome promises to have a profound impact on the future course of the Middle East.

Full story (Al-Jazeera/AFP)


Sj said...

Already the US is saying they don't want to work with any governing body that has the destruction of Isreal as it's mandate. I assume this means that Hamas won the election but have not been able to check yet.

TheMalau said...

Hamas wone outright majority in Parliament. Just go to BBC News, you will see.

Denis said...

Interesting news, I hope they'll tame their policy. I love the way John Stewart from the Daily Show "reports it"

exMI said...

It will be interesting to see if being the power instead of teh opposition tames Hamas a bit or if they will use their new power to activly push their "eleiminate Israel" policy to the great detriment of all Palestinians.

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