Saturday, February 18, 2006

A new day has come

President Joseph Kabila Kabange, of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, signing the country's new constitution into law, February 18th, 2006.
(AP Photo/John Bompengo)

It is finally done! At the very least, on the legal front, the Congo has stepped into a new era. This is a historic day, a day for the books.

Now let us see if the notoriously egocentric politicians in this sub-continent, will follow through with consistant commitment to democracy... but we will cross that bridge when it's time. For now, long live the Congo! Posted by Picasa


michoko said...

Yep, let's cross fingers, Ali !

Black River Eagle said...

He is a strikingly handsome young Dude, isn't he? If he is elected Presdient in June, will this make him the youngest democratically-elected leader in Africa?

Let's hope that he can finally get the job done in the Congo this time around, with or without his various constituents from the International Community.

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