Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It affects Africa too...

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Several dead in Afghan attacks: "A Namibian man and three Afghans have been killed in a landmine blast in the south-western Afghan province of Farah, local officials say.

The US firm the Namibian worked for said he, his Afghan driver and two Afghan guards had died in the blast.

In a separate attack, a roadside bomb killed at least six Afghan soldiers in Helmand province, officials said.

Meanwhile, two men police suspect were would-be suicide bombers have been killed in a blast in Kandahar."
When speaking to Africans about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, some have the tendency to be indifferent to it, because it happens "over there" (sounds familiar?). I mean the attitude with those that react this way, is that it's in Asia, and it does not affect us directly, and we have our own problems to deal with, which is all partially true.

But other than the fact that it affects oil prices everywhere, travel regulations for all non-Whites, and the whole MLK thing (Injustice somewhere, breeds injustice everywhere, or something to that effect), and the fact that we should care because they are human beings just like us, suffering just like we do, we now see that the war situations there affect Africans "directly" too! So maybe it is about time that my fellow intellectuals from Africa start getting on these issues of Iraq and Afghanistan, because if we don't, we are assured to suffer their consequence nevertheless. May those who have ears and eyes...

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