Monday, March 20, 2006

Payback time?

Well I would say that it is about damn time:
From Yebo Gogo | Extradition request for Taylor

"Liberia has officially asked for the extradition of former warlord Charles Taylor, who is living in exile in Nigeria.

Nigerian president Olesgeun Obasanjo, who had said he would hand over Taylor if requested by a democratically elected government, said he would seek the advice of the African Union and ECOWAS before making a decision. Hopefully it's just posturing to give the appearance of due process. Taylor must be handed over and face charges he has eluded for years.

Other countries are supporting Liberia. The United States, the United Kingdom, other countries and human-rights organizations are supporting the decision."
Charles Taylor, and the others of his kind, must face the courts, and they must do so soon. I am not for the death penalty, but I am even less for a cosy life with no punishment in a Nigerian government villa! How on earth do some of the African leaders turn themselves into pretzels to come out with the idea that there even any doubt that the right thing to do is to put this guy in front of that UN court? Would it be because they themselves are afraid that it might happen to them too some day? I wonder...

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