Friday, April 07, 2006

Fake air crash sparks panic

Now here is to improving the image of the DRC...not! | Kenya fake air crash sparks panic

"NAIROBI, Kenya (Reuters) -- Kenyan air authorities briefly sparked panic by announcing a plane coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo had crashed with 80 people on board -- then saying it was a practice drill.

'It's a drill,' Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) spokesman Dominic Kabiru told Reuters of Thursday's incident.

Asked why KAA would briefly pretend, even to foreign media, that there was a real crash, Kabiru added: 'We are testing our preparedness. We have to play a real scenario.'"
When a crash from an airline from your country becomes a universally accepted highly plausible scenario, you know you are in too deep. And I gladly concede that the scenario used here is highly plausible (I mean there IS a reason most of the DRC's airlines ae banned fron EU skies), and preparedness tests are crucial. But I cannot help but feel that our friends to the East dealt a blow in the Congolese' ribs, when they are already down, towel thrown. We have already excelled in making a bad name for ourselves recently, did we really need to have the blade "twisted in the wound" in such a worldwidely broadcast way? I wonder...

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