Monday, April 03, 2006

Oulsegun Obasanjoh and Charles Taylor

There is a theory that has been going around the net, about the role of the Nigerian authorities, in the Western-style escape of of Charles Taylor. I emitted cautious doubts about it in a previous post. This article goes further:
That escape and dramaticTaylor arrest: Sierra Leone News

"Why I have strong reservation over the Nigerian government’s so-called ignorance of the Taylor escape is that, firstly, he was arrested immediately by the Nigerian police President Obasanjo ordered so, after he had been squeezed diplomatically especially by President George W. Bush and, secondly, he was caught driven in an 'ash-colour range rover with a diplomatic registration number’, which was an indirect order to all security forces concerned within Nigeria, not to have obstructed his escape. But because Taylor and perhaps those ordered to over see the exercise had not worked according to schedule, they were caught off target. Taylor was reported caught with large quantities of United States Dollars at his point of arrest. With these, I stand strongly to submit that the Nigerian authorities, especially President Obasanjo had full knowledge of the escape and perhaps the intended point of call."
This situation is suspiscious at the very least. Especially when one considers that Mr Obasanjoh has been acting less and less democratically - what, with the whole seeking a 3rd term thing. I have personally been heavily disappointed by President Obasanjoh, not only on this matter, but also with his extreme views. Leaders of a country should be, IMHO, agents for positive, and progresive change. It seems as though I and President Obasanjoh sharply disagree on what constitutes positivity, and progress... but that is beside the point. He has not proven to me - and apparently I am not alone - that he was being fully forthcoming in this matter. I am just begging to wrong...

[Update: (Watch a TV report, in french, from TV5MONDE, with UN Exclusive images of Charles Taylor when he was arrested, and transported)

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor has pleaded not guilty to all charges in his first appearance at a war crimes court in Sierra Leone.

He initially refused to plead, saying the UN-backed special court in Freetown had no authority to try him.

He faces charges for allegedly backing Revolutionary United Front rebels in Sierra Leone's 1991-2002 civil war.]

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