Thursday, July 13, 2006

Countdown to elections: D-17

The current Congolese government seems hellbent on making itself look worse every day. While most of the government people are gallavauding in electoral campaign around the country - including President Kabila - the police violentlyt repressed an opposition rally in Kinshasa, using a disproportionate amount of force, against unarmed protesters. It even warranted an investigation by the almighty UN mission which normally just sides with the government. Plus this troubling tendency to the government has, to try civilians in military courts... not very kosher. We'll have to see on that one...

We have also received today, a report by the Carter Center on the current electoral situation in the Congo. It is a very enlightening read, if you ask this blogger.

Finally, what would a 21st century electoral campaign be, without campaign websites? I found 4 for you:

Azarias Ruberwa
Joseph Kabila
Francois Joseph Mobutu Nzanga
Jean Pierre Bemba
Oscar Kashala


Fred said...

I'm glad the Salon is reactivating - nobody does it better. Hope you'll complete my new election survey.

Black River Eagle said...

Don't forget the website of Dr. Oscar Kashala, a Harvard-educated medical researcher and political novice who has left his work and home in the U.S.A. to return to the DRC to campaign before the polls. I hear that he is drawing some sizable crowds in Kinshasa.

The Ethnic Loft blog points to a July 16th Yahoo! News article about Dr. Kashala titled "Harvard doctor says he's future for Congo" and there is more over at the Washington Post (4/12/05) and an interview at the Voice of America (4/11/05). What are your views on the candidacy of Dr. Kashala, does he have a chance against the Big 3 out of 33?

Ethnic Loft post on Dr. Kashala:

Official website of Dr. Kashala:

TheMalau said...

I added it, BRE. I will write a piece later today.

Black River Eagle said...

Arnaud Zajtman of the BBC News - Kinshasa has more on Oscar Kashala in his article of July 17th "DR Congo campaign hits the capital". The article also includes statements made by presidential candidate Nzanga Mobutu. Kabila seemingly couldn't make it to his political rally in the capital this week. Here is the link:

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