Tuesday, September 05, 2006

DRC: Legislative elections: Results anyone?

DR Congo tense as election results emerge - Yahoo! News: "KINSHASA (AFP) - Partial legislative election results released in the
Democratic Republic of Congo gave parties loyal to President Joseph Kabila a commanding lead, but allegations of voting fraud forced a three-day delay in the final count.

The 31-party Alliance of the Presidential Majority, headed by the 35-year-old president, gained 169 out of the 341 parliamentary seats for which results have so far been counted, according to the results published on the electoral commission's website and added together by AFP.

The Rally of Congolese Nationalists (Renaco), the opposition bloc supporting Kabila's main rival Jean-Pierre Bemba, was in second place with 47 seats.

The national assembly holds 500 seats altogether.

Meanwhile full provisional results, scheduled to be released Monday, were postponed to Thursday after 10 officials were detained on suspicion of forging results in favour of the opposition Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD), independent electoral commission (CIE) official Dieudonne Mirimo said.

'This led the CIE to undertake a re-checking of the data' for Kinshasa, he said. The RCD is the party of one of the country's four vice-presidents, Azarias Ruberwa."
Why am I not surprised? More on this as soon as I have a better internet connection.

More also on apparent new developments in the inquiry over the causes of the events in Kinshasa last week...


Jonathan Edelstein said...

Interesting. The AFP article says that Kabila's alliance has taken 49 percent of the first 341 seats, while a Reuters article based on the same number of seats gave the Kabila camp about 45 percent. Maybe there's some doubt as to which parties and independents beyond the original 30 are part of the coalition.

Anyway, the final provisional results are now up on the CEI site. As near as I can tell, the AMP has about 200 seats and RENACO somewhere around 120. Gizenga cleaned up in Bandundu and finished with 34 seats.

One more question that I haven't been able to find the answer to anywhere: will the provincial elections be based on the old provinces or the new ones?

TheMalau said...

I believe that it is definitely between 45 and 49%. Thank you for letting us know. I will write more about this later today.

Jonathan Edelstein said...

I've posted some further analysis at my place and would welcome any criticism.

Fred said...

I've just seen this on allAfrica - no trace of it anywhere else so far:

Appeal from the DRC Coalition in Washington

Lorraine said...

Hey Fred,

Re. Appeal from DRC coalition: I know the groups talked about taking full page ads out in papers like NYT, WSJ, etc in the USA. I suggested that they also put it in papers in Europe (given the involvement of EUFOR, European Union, etc) and the DRC. I don't know what they decided.

Personally I would rather they had come out with a statement last year encouraging the international community to work with the Congolese people on ensuring that the electoral process was TRULY democatric, transparent and ALL-INCLUSIVE while there was still a chance to make it so!

Lorraine said...

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H. Res. 723, Calling on the President to take immediate steps to help improve the security situation in Darfur, Sudan, with a specific emphasis on civilian protection;

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