Thursday, November 30, 2006

DRC: An interview with Kabila [Fr]...

Now don't get me wrong. I have my doubts on the actual abilities of President Kabila to run this country correctly, but I am more than willing to give him a chance, because the national interest matters more, and he was elected as democratically as the situation allowed it. When there will be negative actions, we will denounce them. When there will be positive action, we will praise them. Case and point.

Wach this video carefully. It was edited to look like it was done in one take, at a single location. But in fact, you can see that the table in front of Kabila is sometimes a wooden one, with a phone, and sometimes a glass one. This is the kind of things that in my opinion weaken the public's support in the intellectual abilities of their leader. If Kabila cannot even be interviewed in one take, without lots and lots of hesitation, and a lot of unnecessary rambling... not the image of steadfast leadership we'd all like to see, right? Similarly, in the following documentary, also in French, towards the end the 4 Vice-Presidents of the country gave their feelings on the situation of the country. If you follow closely you will see that Kabila is the inly one whose response is heavily edited.

Kabila needs to work on his eloquence, his public speaking skills, and he needs to grow more confident about his orientation for the country, otherwise, this so-called new start for the country will be nipped at birth.

Congo kino liwa!

[Addendum: I just found this campaign video for Bemba. The guy really did put money into his campaign!!

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Anonymous said...


Great post as usual. Also, I really enjoyed your responses to Lorraine's questions, wonderful reading.

First of all, let me state emphatically that I believe Kabila must learn to feel fluent and comfortable in both French and Lingala. If he doesn't already. For so many reasons he absolutely has to do this in my opinion.

Now having said that, I have never seen any statements or speeches he has made in English or Swahili. I understand he is reserved by nature. Nevertheless, I am geniunely curious if he has, in fact, come across more comfortable, confident, articulate,etc. in speeches he has given in English or Swahili?


TheMalau said...

In my humble opinion he is still very calm and reserved, but definitely more comfortable in English, and even more in Swahili.

Freudian Slip said...

Yes, great reading again :)
This does seem reserved though, like holding back. Have at it!

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