Wednesday, February 09, 2005 Indiana "Peace Studies"

My Friend and fellow Earlham alumni Jay Ohara sent me this "interesting" article on FrontPageMag, and this is what it has to say about the Plowshares intiatives - for peace studies - between Manchester College, Goshen College, and my Alma mater Earlham College, in Indiana.

Needless to say, none of the programs devoted to matters of war and peace features a single faculty member with a degree in military history or military science. This reflects the systematic bias of all of these programs against the military component of peace. Its ideological orientation suggests these are not academic courses at all, but programs of indoctrination in their leftist political agenda.

Now I am quite used to criticism of our Peace programs, and I am often on th criticising side. But to suggest that it is simply pure indoctrination is quite dishonest. These are programs that have to operate in a general environment of militaristic "gung-ho" principles that are seen as inherently American by the broader society, especially in the Midwest. The program leaders must assume that students have more exposure to that militaristic culture, and therefore they must give more time to visiting the other aspects of the spectrum of peace studies. Should there be more conservative voices, Yes. But to suggest that our teachers are only interested in rallying us against the main stream is incorrect. They just let us see the side of the picture that many young Americans don't get to see when living in their WASP-Midwestern-lifelong-NRA-member families. And in my opinion, that's fair. But you be the judge.
Here are the sites of the Plowshares related programs:

Peace and Globals Studies (Earlham).

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