Friday, March 11, 2005

The Gacaca courts in Rwanda

Rwanda killers face local justice

Traditional community courts in Rwanda begin to try people accused of involvement in the 1994 genocide.
Well the Gacaca courts were somewhat of a good idea, I believe, as Rwanda has such a back log of (what I believe are mostly innocent) Hutu prisoners that need to get on with their lives. Some have indeed commited crimes of genocide and should be punished. But the RPF regime, as well as some envious neighbours, also jailed people they simply wanted out of the way, on trumped up charges, and hopefully the Gacaca courts will be able to weed those out. I have issues - obviously - with Pres. Kagame, but I have to concede to him that using the Gacaca courts was a tremendously good idea, as it uses the most progressive of our African traditions, to solve an African problem. In other words, it is a call to self-sufficiency, and primary self-reliance, on the continent, and in Rwanda. It is about time that we actually used our PROGRESSIVE traditions - as opposed to the RESTRICTIVE and DESTRUCTIVE ones that people always defend on high, like FGMs, suborination of women, or arranged marriages. So Kagame is still a murder-planner of Congolese people, but he is definitely a smart one. Now, let's make sure these courts judge fairly... and that is quite a challenge, considering the situation. I wonder...

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Black River Eagle said...

Now, now. Let's rise above the frustration and anger and disgust re: the policies and actions of President Kagame of Rwanda vs. the people of the D.R.C.

Some of us have read the reports from HRW, the U.N. Security Council Special Investigation on Plunder and Murder in the D.R.C., etc. etc. but nobody seems to want to nail this guy even though accusations are flying all over the place. I mean take a look at the crisis in Sudan or Northern Uganda or Zimbabwe or...

Actually what I was looking for was your article on the 2 new online exhibits about The Congo at the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Brussels, Belgium.

Please drop me a line (email) or a comment on my blog so that I may read it. I want to drilldown on my blog in future post(s) re: King Leopold II and the successive governments of Belgium's refusal to shed any kind serious light on this subject matter for the past 100+ years or so.

Why do they see fit to face the truth of their bloody past now??

Are the ghosts of millions of Congolese who died so mercilessly under the murderous and brutal colonial rule of King Leopold II of Belgium no longer crying out, or can their voices not rise above the cries for help of the millions of innocent Congolese today who suffer and die at the equally brutal hands and evil minds of their own neighbors and countrymen.

Sorry if this subject matter upsets you but I get pretty worked up about it too! I am not angry with you as a Congolese but I am livid with anger (rage) about the Belgians and other colonial European powers who layed the groundwork long ago for these present disasters and crisis in the D.R.C. and the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

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