Friday, March 11, 2005

War crime charges against Kosovo fmr. PM

Kosovo ex-PM war charges revealed

Kosovo's ex-Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj is charged with 37 counts of war crimes at The Hague
This is how you measure the dinity and the sense of purpose of a people. This leader, as soon as he was charged, resigned his post, and turned himself in. Whether he is guilty or innocent - that is for the courts to decide - you can see that there is a sense in Kosovo that no excuse should be given to actors in the region, to postpone the resumption and achievement of the peace process. Kosovars - at least the Albanian Kosovars - are ready to discuss all the aspects of their future, including final status, and they will not get anything or anybody get in the way of that. I admire the decision of PM Haradinaj; Serbia could learn a lot - and apparently they already are - from the Kosovars. Now they have no excuse to continue protecting war crime indictees. Way to go Kososvo!

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