Monday, March 21, 2005

UN Reforms, part deux

Annan urges sweeping UN reforms

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has urged governments to endorse "bold and far-reaching" reforms of the body.

They include enlarging the Security Council, setting out rules on when it can authorise military force, and an agreed definition of terrorism.

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Now, as I said yesterday, I am skeptical as to the extent to which this new push will be able to carry the reform process in the UN, but I have to say that reading the actual report does give me some rays of optimism. I see the United Nations Organization as a great - if imperfect - equalize of the nations of the world, and a great - if weak - balance of world powers, small and big. It is important that it regains the prominent role that is due to it, in international affairs, and that it does so without being a "slave laborer" of the United States and the other powerful nations of this planet.

I see the situation in the UN like I see the Congo. Right now, the Congolese government has little legitimacy, because it is virtually owned and controlled by those that have the biggest guns, thus giving very little room for growth and equality of opportunities and development. Similarly, the United Nations has become a tool for those that have the biggest guns - i.e. those that have nuclear weapons, leaving only frustration and despair for all the rest (no wonder Iran and North Korea want nuclear weapons). The need for reform is not just necessary, it's vital. Hopefully ALL UN-member states understand that, and adopt these reforms.

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