Monday, April 25, 2005

The Salon is Open again

I must appologize, friends, the Salon was a bit in trouble, with technical difficulties. Blogger was giving me a hard time accessing my blogs, and therefore I could not update them. I am now back, and starting Tuesday, I will resume the daily postings of news, opinions and other items of interest.

Thank you.

Ali (TheMalau)


Carine said...

Welcome back Ali :)
looking forward to your posts!

Black River Eagle said...

Welcome back Ali, you were missed. Lot's been happening since you were out.

Blogger's tech team has been fighting with a lot of problems lately, haven't they? I think it has to to with a very rapid growth curve (users) vs. not enough real financial support from the Big Dogs over at corporate HQ (Google).

I see a lot of former Blogger users have jumped ship in favor of more comprehensive web publishing tools hosted on their own domains or ASP (web-based) tools like Six Apart's Typepad.

It will be interesting to see if Google intends to get back into the race with Yahoo, Microsoft, et. al. deep pocket tech companies who have recently rolled out their own blog tools and networks. Keep an eye on the fast-breaking developments over at's Messaging and Collaboration blog.

Congratulations on the garnering of the Goldman Environmental Prize 2005 by your fellow countryman Corneille E.N. Ewango. Carine had your back covered on the D.R.C. while you were out.

You should hop on over to St. Louis and do an interview with Mr. Ewango for the Blogosphere and the MSM for that matter. Nice down in Saint Louis this time of year you know, real nice.

Carine said...

BRE, are you trying to convince ppl to visit St Louis? lol :)

Ali, Apparently blogger is having too many problems. They have too many users and it slows everything down. You might want to transfer your posts to another blog host.

Jonathan Molea said...

Hi Malau, Welcome Back, your blog it is very interesting and also your opinions, please be in touch

Tus opiniones siempre dan en el punto, un saludo desde tu continente, tal vez este ano visite el Congo, por ahora sigo en NIgeria.



Black River Eagle said...

Hey Ali. Hoping all is well with you back in the States. I haven't seen you around for awhile in the Blogosphere. Let us know if everything is O.K.???

thecutter said...

Yes, welcome back! missed this blog.

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