Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ayeeh! Afrika...

African leaders unite on UN seats bid
By Lawrence Smallman

All 53 governments that make up the African Union have unanimously agreed to demand the organisation's representation on the UN Security Council.

Demanding two permanent seats with veto rights, African Union (AU) heads of state and officials in Libya on Tuesday said the organisation had already presented its demand to the UN.


Brian said...

I hope they pick Security Council seats better than they pick Human Right Commission seats.

Ingrid said...

Hello Ali, Just thought I'd pop in here and say hi. I've just left a comment at Carine's new blog (at least I hope it is her new blog, she calls it Exiled Soul v.2). I miss our little group of Congo watchers. Louis posted something on Sep 17. But you haven't posted since July 5. Hope you are OK. Kind regards from Ingrid in England, UK.


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