Sunday, December 18, 2005

DR Congo polls: latest press releases

DR Congo vote may get extension

Polling stations have closed across the Democratic Republic of Congo after a referendum on a new constitution.

Rioters burn voting stations in Congo

DR Congo voting on constitution

Voters in Democratic Republic of Congo have begun voting on a new constitution on Sunday though many complain they do not know what it contains.

Congo holds referendum on new constitution

The first of 40,000 polling stations around the vast central African country were opening at 6 a.m. (0400 GMT) in the east, with the last closing at 5 p.m. (1600 GMT) in Kinshasa and the west, an hour behind the east because of a time difference



Black River Eagle said...

Been watching and reading over here in Germany the first news reports about the D.R.C. draft constitution referendum elections today. CNN had an interview with Dr. Cristopher Fomunyoh of the National Democratic Institute (he was very positive in his commentary) and Reuters AlertNet has some good coverage as well including feature reports.

I'm so darn happy for the people of the Congo today that I could cry, really!! And I'm not even a native-born Congolese, but today I am doggone it. Today I am Congolese.

Congratulations to the people of the D.R.C. and Good Luck on your long march toward peace and security, democracy, and freedom from oppression.

Great coverage of the political scene and personality backgrounds at The Salon of News and Thought. Really good work Malau.

TheMalau said...

Thank you Ndeko (brother) BRE,

I am pretty ecstatic myself, even though I am also a bit anxious at the rospect of the results.

Regardless, it's a historic event, and I am alive to see it happen!!!

This is really exciting, and I really hope it brings good news for my beloved country.

Denis said...

Pretty exiting day... carrying on tomorrow.
I was tuned on Radio Okapi all day.

TheMalau said...

So was I, and it is just soooo awesome to have something to be excited a bout.

I also monitored the news bulletins of Top Congo FM, just to get a different beat. They got an interview with Joseph Kabila in their 7 PM edition (a very rare occurence).

Waiting for Monday with impatience!!!!

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