Saturday, December 17, 2005

DR Congo: Presidential Candidates

The Congolese newspaper Le Soft International has tallied the number of officially declared candiates to the Presidency of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They are:

  • Didier Mumengi - Former minister under the late Mzee Laurent Kabila, opposition party leader, backing the "No" vote to the constitution, very well spoken France educated journalist from Bandundu province.

  • Rev. Théodore Ngoy, JD - Lawyer and Pentecostal religious leader, opposition party leader, backing the "No" vote to the constitution, very capable public speaker, somewhat radical and populist, very nationalist and anti-Rwanda, from the Katanga province.

  • Pierre Pay Pay wa Syakasighe - Former governor of the Central Bank of Congo, opposition party leader (CODECO), Backing the "Yes" vote to the constitution, very well connected, respected economist from the Maniema province.

  • Justine Kasa-Vubu - Former Minister and Ambassador under the late Mzee Laurent Kabila, opposition party leader (MDC), backing the "No" vote. Former UDPS representative in Benelux, most outspoken and visible daughter of the DRC's first President Joseph Kasa Vubu.

  • Nzanga Mobutu - Last communications advisor and spokesperson of his father, late dicator Mobutu Sese Seko. Relatively young businessman, opposition political leader, backing the "Yes" vote to the Constitution referendum, very well spoken from the Equateur province.

  • Gérard Kamanda wa Kamanda, JD - Very well spoken, opposition party leader, backing the "Yes" vote. Former undersecretary general of the OAU, former Foreign Affairs Minister (several times), brilliant and very well connected Lawyer from the Bandundu province.

  • Firmin Yangambi, JD - Least known candidate, heroic anti-Rwanda resistant in the Second Congo War, capable and vocal lawyer from the Orientale Province.

  • Mokia Ngolo - Against the Kabila regime, businessman from the Equateur province.

  • Azarias Ruberwa, JD - Currently Vice President of the DRC in charge of the Political, Defense and Security Commision, President of the former rebel group - now party - Congolese Rally for Democracy. Backing the "Yes" vote. Openly Christian, preaches. Congolese Tutsi (and that's significant in the DRC) ambitious lawyer from the Sud-Kivu province.

President Kabila has yet to express his decision on whether he will run.


Xed said...

I hope you can add some of this info to Wikipedia

Denis said...

working on that ;-)

Cristina said...

Does anyone know how to reach Justine Kasa-Vubu? email would suffice. There are a bunch of old classmates from Switzerland that would like to contact her.


hd said...

I too would love to contact the Kasavubu family!
I went to school with them in Switzerland and remember them fondly, and there are others I've been wondering about too.
Heidi D

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