Tuesday, December 20, 2005

DR Congo: Referendum partial results

From 1/3 of the voting stations (from the electoral commission), as of 7:40 PM GMT, on December 20, 2005:

Over All:
OUI/YES: 78,47%
NON/NO: 21,03%

By Province:
Kinshasa: 50,45% Oui/Yes
Katanga: 91,14% Oui/Yes
Kasai-Occidental: 61.88% Oui/Yes
Kasai-Oriental: 64,15% Oui/Yes
Nord-Kivu: 96,20% Oui/Yes
Sud-Kivu: 97,77% Oui/Yes
Maniema: 96,32% Oui/Yes
Bas-Congo: 69,35% Oui/Yes
Equateur: 80,17% Oui/Yes
Bandundu: 88,1% Oui/Yes
Province Orientale:

The Commission has not released any estimates of the participation rate.



Black River Eagle said...

Wow! These preliminary results show that the people who voted want change. Bad! (Bad = Good)

What was the registered voter turnout (%)? 007 in Africa seems to think that the turnout was low in Kinshasa. Is that true?

TheMalau said...

I don't know who 007 is, but there has been no official numbers on Kinshasa yet. From what I hear from people, it was about average.

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