Tuesday, December 20, 2005

DR Congo: Preceding post summary

For our English-speaking reader, the preceding post entitled "RD Congo: Opinion: Je n'en crois pas mes yeux", is a rant from good ol' me, against a sentiment that has been curculating in Congolese mailing lists, encouraging - or at leats suggesting - the secession of the Kasai region (The provinces of Eastern and Western Kasai), following the very low level of participation in the referendum in that region, They claim that they cannot be held accountable to a text they did not support, and should seriously consider secession.

The jist (Is it spelled like that) of my argument was that secession was a mistake, a repetition of the dark parts of our history, and an admission of defeat for the entire nation of Black people. I was calling my fellow Kasaians (my father is from Kasai, and my mother from Bas-Congo) to see the big picture of African Unity, of the prospects of the DRC's future should the process go forward, and the very real danger of a new, and very unnecessary war should they declare independance. I called on all my fellow Congolese to quit the useless provincialist and/or tribalist rhetoric, to grow up, to do our best to hold present and future leaders accountable to the new constitution, to do our best to ensure the constitution is perfected. I also called the Congolese to get some continental, and global perspective, and to stop emulating the irresponsibility, and the lack of maturity and professionalism that we are so quick to criticize in our leaders.

That's the jist of it I believe.



Black River Eagle said...

Good for you Malau. You told 'em right. Keep the vast country of the Democratic Republic of Congo together.

If the various Congolese people can stick together and work together as a united nation, they might finally be able to realize some of the benefits of this enormous nation rich in natural resources and natural wonders. As I've said before, the wealth of the Congo is not Gold & Diamonds, it is Green. The forests and the precious ecosystems (that remain). Some of the Congo's unique biospheres are found nowhere else on Earth. Plus the country is abundant in fresh water, an increasingly important resource for the not-so-distant future. Ask your neighbors to the North and East. Fresh water supplies are more precious than oil reserves.

If the D.R.C. begins to break apart now, then the hyennas will simply nip and bite at your heels until the Congo can no longer stand on its own without eternal international aid and intervention.

If some of the people of the Kasai want to seceed from the Republic, then tell 'em to pack their bags and get out! Rwanda, Uganda, Angola, Burundi, France, and Belgium would love to have them. Really!

Congo. Love it or leave it! Make it work.

Black River Eagle said...

BTW. Did you see The Head Heeb's excellent 4-part post on the D.R.C. vs. Uganda before the International Court of Justice? The December 21st post is titled "The revolution that didn't happen: The Congo judgement and the defense of nations".

Here is the link:

I haven't read it fully yet but it sure looks juicy - full of information.

TheMalau said...

Than you BRE, for the support, and the tip about the Head Heeb.

I am going to post about the newly released results.

And I think I need to get back on track about the rest of the world :)

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