Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I just love Kofi Annan

Annan outlines global conflicts; angered at media
It was about time that Kofi Annan talk back to all his unjustified detractors. For the first time, Kofi Annan "Lashed out" at the media, in the person of James Boone of the Times of London, for being an "overgrown schoolboy", and "a disgrace to his profession". James Boone had indeed been hammering at Secretary general Annan for q while, for matters related to corruption in the United NAtions, and particularly regarding to Kofi Annan's son. the latest matter has to do with a Mercedes that Kofi Annan would have bought for his son, with his diplomatic discount. Seriously, who cares? The guy has been fighting the good fight for so long, and is always shut down by those permanent members, who do not want to lose their privileged positions. And he is the problem at the UN. It seems to me there is a "grain of sand, log of wood" issue at play here. I am still, and always wondering...


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