Monday, January 09, 2006

Announcement : The Salon "is hiring"

The Salon is making an appeal for 2 or 3 new writers to join the team. We need more people to write about Congo and Africa of course, with somewhat of a progressive perspective.

Having been to Congo, or Africa, or the third World, or having an interest for that area would be a plus. However, we also would like to have writers with a Western perspective on the third world, and Africa. Africans are of course welcome.

Writers will have to be honest, unrestrained, but agree that freedom of religion, of opinion, of belief, are beneficial, and respect those freedoms in their posts. They will have to agree that equal opportunity is an ideal to work towards, in matters of race, gender, work and economic levels. They will have to be in favour of a betterment of rights for homosexuals, and against the belief that there is any race superior to another.

Aside from these guidelines/policies, they are free to express their opinion on any news topic they deem of general interest to the World blogging community. This can be anything from hardcore headline news, to the offbeat topics that bloggers seem to have the talent to find.

If you see yourself in this description, please leave a comment on this post. The aim at the end of this (by the end of the year), is to create a new, more sophisticated blog, with detailed categories, so I can blog on Congo, without losing track of the rest of the Africa, and the World. Thus ultimately giving readers daily news and my perspective on Congo (which will still be the main subject blogged on by me), while also having other perspectives, and getting a more global view on Africa, and/or whatever you deem important/newsworthy.



Xed said...


Xed here, formerly of Wikipedia.

We had a discussion (or at least I replied to a reply to you) here:

I wrote this article;

Not African, and have never been to Congo, though would like to go one day. Have been to Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa.

Live in the UK.

I'd be be happy to write a blog entry maybe every 2 or 3 weeks.

xed2507 (at)

Congogirl said...

TheMalau, you have visited my blog in the past, I have been posting news and some commentary, and would like to continue in that vein, with more analysis and less news text. I lived in DR Congo in 2004-2005, and am still working with projects there. If you would like me to contribute, I would be happy to do so, if you do not mind crossposts to my own site with a reference to this blog.

TheMalau said...

Yes Congo girl, I know you! send me an email on my yahoo address (you can find it on the sidebar here), so I can add you!

fontaine said...


Just dropping a line to tell you I linked you up from my blog (

Sahara Sarah said...

Much like my friend CongoGirl, I'm an american girl who writes on Congo/life/etc. I've been living and working in Kindu (Maniema) for 10 months. I think you've been to my site. Just leave me a comment if you are interested.

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