Friday, March 31, 2006

Breaking Hearts in the HoD: Kinshasa fearing Baghdad

Our friend Sarah, who is supposedly breaking hearts in the heart of darkness, has picked on the New York Times story that we quoted earlier, looking at the current situation in the pre-electoral Congo, to make her very own - and always inspired - commentary:
Breaking Hearts in the Heart of Darkness: Kinshasa fearing Baghdad

"In a country that has had dozens of rebel movements, eight foreign armies fighting out their own conflicts on Congolese soil, tens of thousands of women raped, and 1,200 people dying per day in 2003 as a result of the five-year conflict that still hasn’t gone away - I really think the Iraqis have more to fear from a Congo-type situation than vice-versa.

So what does “or Iraq?” mean when the journalist says that it “sums up this country’s worst fears?” That they will have civil-war style violence? Already happened and continues in some forms. That they will be invaded by a foreign army? Precisely what happened in 1998 and 1999. That groups will dissolve into sectarian violence? Check out Katanga, Ituri and the Kivus – all provinces have violence fissuring on ethnic lines. "
Please do go read the full article on Sarah's site, and take a look at the comments section, as they are very interesting as well.

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Lamenting Lorraine said...

I was actually shocked, disheartened, and DISMAYED (and oh yes did I say shocked?) by some of the comments that I read on Sahara Sarah's site under this entry. Once rational thought has regain control I will post a comment on her blog.

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