Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Breaking News: Liberia-Nigeria: Taylor is caught!?!

BBC NEWS | Africa | Nigeria returns ex-Liberia leader: "Exiled former Liberian president and war crimes suspect Charles Taylor is being removed from Nigeria after being caught trying to escape custody.

A jet has taken off from the country and is flying him to Liberia - ending his exile of nearly three years.

Dozens of UN troops are patrolling the airport in the capital Monrovia, where they will arrest him."
If you read the article further, Pres. Obasanjo is asking for an apology by people who thought he was an accomplice to this whole farce. Well I will grant him that he may not be directly complicit; but his wishy-washy attitude towards Pres. Johnson-Sirleaf's demands definitely contributed to Taylor having the time to flee, so apologies? I wonder...


exMI said...

I'm just glad Taylor didn't make it back to the Bush where he could rally supporters and start his revolution all over again.
Progress is being made.

TheMalau said...

And I am right there with you, exMI.

Fleur d'Afrique. said...

Quelle affaire!...On se croirait vraiment assister a un film d'Hollywood. *shakes head*. Did you read Chippla's thoughs on the issue? i agree with with him: Taylor is still a very dangerous man. Being in exile didn't stop him from intervening in the region's politics. I think bringing him back to Liberia might be potentially dangerous. We'll have to see.

Brian said...

I don't think Obasanjo was directly complicit in Taylor's escape. However, he was reluctant from the beginning to hand over Taylor to international justice, stalling constantly, inventing 'disputes' with the Liberian government, etc. That invented dispute is what gave Taylor time to flee. Complicit? No. Negligent? Absolutely.

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