Monday, March 27, 2006

Congolese Rally for Democracy (rebel group) will go to polls

Congo Watch | Congo rebel group says it will go to polls: "Azarias Ruberwa's RCD-Goma, backed by neighbouring Rwanda during Congo's devastating 1998-2003 war, said he would stand for president on June 18 in the country's first free national parliamentary and presidential polls in more than four decades.

'I have already been designated as presidential candidate by the party,' Ruberwa told reporters in the capital Kinshasa, saying he would lodge his nomination papers in the next few days."

(from the article, in Independent Online)
You know my favorite expression, when talking about Congolese politics? "Well, it was about time!" Now if our uncle Tshisekedi could just join in fully in the process, we could start this gettng ready for this stuff. A person who particpates in a process, has more legitimacy to point out its flaws. So participation, IMHO, is always the best policy. Especially when participation does not involve actually inflicting physical and mental harm on anyone (in other words, participating in the Nazi regime, is alomost always a no-no).

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