Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Racism and Sports

After Samuel Eto'o in Spain, another group of Africans are facing racial slurs, and racial attacks in sports fields:
BBC SPORT | Cricket | International Teams | Australia | ICC inquiry condemns racist fans: "The International Cricket Council have promised a crackdown to stamp out racist abuse at grounds in Australia.

It follows taunts directed at South African players during the recent VB Series tournament in Australia.

India's solicitor general Goolam Vahanvati was appointed by the ICC to conduct an inquiry.

In his report, he concluded: 'It was premeditated, co-ordinated and calculated to get after the players. It is a serious matter.'"
This is not acceptable, and it is seriously getting on my nerves. I am starting to rethink some of my views on free speech. The only reason why I still believe in full free-speech, is because I do not trust the government when it comes to regulating/legislating speech. But the fact that in the XXIst century, we can stiil hear such utter stupidities occuring... Who the hell do these people think they are? Do they think that they are made out of Zeus' thigh? Because i they were, they were made so high up, that they stink!

And let no one even start with me that I am saying this because they are Africans. In fact some of those heckled were lily white. Any white person that has not done anything to warrant insult should not be insulted either, period. And that goes for people of any races. The fact that there are some white racists, and that White people have a troubled past as a group, and particularly against my race (if there should be such a thing as race), does not allow me to prejudge any white person. People need to wake the @#$%&^ up!!! This is the kind of burden that the oppressed - and/or formerly oppressed - should not have to carry, and am tired, I mean dead tired of carrying it. And those that are Blacks of slave descent are probably even more tired than I am. Enough is enough!!!!!

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