Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Election update

So there is no real surprise: all the people on the temporary list of Presidential candidates, plus one, will be running for President in the Congo. 33 candidates... I still cannot get over that gigantic number, even for Congo.
Congo to Have 33 Presidential Candidates | Prensa Latina: "Kinshasa, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) The Independent Electoral Commission of the Democratic Republic of Congo has approved 33 presidential candidates for the elections to be held in the next two or three months.

This new information was supplied by one of the spokesmen of the Commission in a news conference Tuesday, in which he said everything was now in order for the presidential campaign."
There is still over 9,000 people runing for the 500 seats in the National Assembly (lower house of Parliament...

I try very hard to be optimistic about the upcoming elections. But with all the political games, the sheer pettiness that has been unleashed in Kinshasa in the past few months, and the more than obvious tampering and favoritism of the International Community (especially the USA, France and Belgium), I cannot help but wonder if this is really the historic elections we have so longed for. The only hope here, is that the old saying will hold true, that when given an open door, however slight, freedom will find its way...

Still wondering.

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Sj said...

My fiancés mother helps manage an apartment building in Kinshasa, (it's her grandpéres) and said that in recent months (twice now) "officials" have demanded payment (seems like a real bill though this is a new charge not collected before) for the family to keep the building.

Apparently it is official but still just as much bs... I thought of this when reading the line:

"the sheer pettiness that has been unleashed in Kinshasa in the past few months"

which I am sure deals with more than just something like this..but still

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