Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Uganda, Congo, and the numerous rebels

New Vision Online | Congo rebels to be deported: "Uganda is poised to deport Congolese militia leaders recently rounded up in Kampala, as relations between Uganda and the DR Congo warm up.

State minister for defence Ruth Nankabirwa yesterday said, �We shall deport them by transporting them to the DRC-Uganda border, and hand them over to the Congolese authorities.�

She said she would be part of the talks between Uganda and Congo in the the Burundian capital, Bujumbura, on April 21. She will join, among others, foreign affairs ministers Sam Kutesa (Uganda) and Ramazani Baya (DRC).

�We shall discuss the issue of the militias in Bujumbura,� Nankabirwa said in reference to arrests of the Congolese Revolutionary Movement (MRC) chiefs whose forces are based in Ituri. Those to be deported include MRC top officers, Col. Bwambale Kakolele, Dido Manyiroha, John Asiki, Bahemuka and Arsene Kaswara. "
The capacity of President's Museveni's regime, to continuously switch horses at will in battle, will never cease to amaze me. Not so long ago, they were threatening to invade the Congo , due to the alleged presence of LRA rebels there. Today, they are handing-over Congolese rebels, and adamantly supporting negotiations. All this in a context that saw Uganda and Rwanda coveting, invading, raping, and plundering the Congo, in two wars, the second of which claimed ~4 million people, and still counting... I am simply amazed, and dismayed, all at the same time. Oh, the beauty of Great Lakes politics!

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