Sunday, July 30, 2006

DRC: Election day: Update 3

Counting has begun in many voting stations in the Eastern part of the country, which is an hour ahead of Kinshasa, and the West. Radio Okapi's live service is reporting an estimated level of participation that is higher than 70% in most of the stations that have started counting.

There were apparently numerous incidents in Eastern Kasai (Kasai Oriental), stronghold of opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi, who is boycotting the elections. In Mbuji-mayi, some stations did not START the elections until 4 PM, because the replacement ballots (their original ones were burnt by demonstrators on Saturday) did not get there until then, from Kinshasa. In Mweka (Western Kasai) and Mwene-Ditu (Eastern Kasai), a few voting stations were ransacked and/or burned, so voters there also were facing a big challenge to vote.

Last minute: Some poll workers in Kinshasa are threatening not tocount the ballots until they get paid. The head of the Electoral Commission, Abbot Appolinaire Malu Malu was just on Radio Okapi, to let them know publicly that their pay will be available on Tuesday, at every Kinshasa district halls (there are 24 districts (communes) in Kinshasa. Hopefully that will solve that.

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I am trying to figure that out, BRE. GIve me a day.

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