Monday, July 31, 2006

DRC: Elections: Update 4

Who would have thought, 2 years ago, that we would see this wonderful image: a disabled person joining his fellow Congolese to vote for a better future. The little things like that, that is what brings me hope. Or the young guy, in a stretch tshirt, taking the time to come vote. What is going on in his head? What motivates him: conviction, desperation, hope, novelty... boredom? All things that these procedures have allowed all of us to ponder.

With the exception of the three towns that had to continue/report the voting for today, due to numerous arsons (Mbuji-mayi, Mweka and Mwene-ditu), all the voting stations have closed, and most have already finished the counting processes, and published their individual results. However the Electoral commission have put a moratorium on partial results, to allow the 3 aforementioned towns to vote without undue pressure.

Everybody is waiting for the results, and the waiting is very tough. People are very apprehensive of the various reactions after the results are announced, so this period of incertitude is a very tense one. We are still monitoring the Net and Radio Okapi to let you know as soon as there are news. Note however that the final results will only intervene on August 31st, and we will only be able to give tendencies. So far, participation in the East seems to average around 80%+. Not bad, no?

Congo kino liwa!


Black River Eagle said...

80% voter turnout would be incredible, especially if you can maintain that level of voter enthusiasm and participation over the next years for regional and local elections and national elections in 2011.

I have two questions:

1. How can the vote counting and reporting from over 50,000 polling stations be going so fast? Are they using wireless communications to send voting data back to the Electorial Commission HQ in Kinshasa or must the ballots be hand-delivered via air transport?

2. The low incident of violence and destruction around polling stations is commendable in light of all the doom-and-gloom predictions from the media and the pundits. Did these 3 (reported) incidents of arson and theft at polling stations occur because there was no police or military protection at these centers, or was it disgruntled police and military that may have encouraged the ransacking?

O.K., that's 3 questions. I've been watching too many press conferences on TV.

TheMalau said...

Hahaha! very funny BRE.

1. Each station has an average of 600 voters, so that goes quite fast. They are sending the ballots to 62 computing centers, all over the country. And there the centers will computerize the data, and send them to a central server. But they are sending preliminary messages by cellphone messages.

2. The reported incidents were in Tshisekedi's stronghold. These were people decided to stop the polls from going forward.

Kurt Wayne said...

For what it's worth,

I'm trying to create a page that has as many links to the DRC/RDC (news, blogs, music, radio, on-line media, non-profit, "yellow page"-style business listings from pageweb.congo, weather and general information) on one page as I's at, with a french version at

Got a ways to go on it but if it's a help to anyone in this time in the DRC's history I'm glad for it...I've linked your blog on the front page, too, sir.

TheMalau said...

It's deeply appreciated, Kurt. We'll try to help.

Kurt Wayne said...

Themalau, I know you're busy, but when possible could you shoot me 1 e-mail to


Anonymous said...

I have seen this blog, and have an interest in the vote/elections in the RDC, as I have a plan to offer help from my company in the RDC, and do hopefully many international; projects for the region, as I in the past few years have been following the RDC, and believe it is a great place, and desreves to have it realized by all.

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